Calluses Treatment

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Treating Your Calluses
Are you ready to visit your podiatrists in Elgin, Schaumburg, Chicago or Huntley about your calluses? At some point in time, most people will deal with a callus. A callus is a thick, hard patch of skin that is caused by friction, usually due to calluses shoes that are too tight. While most calluses won’t cause issues for healthy individuals, they can be quite the nuisance for others. From the office of our Elgin, Schaumburg, Chicago or Huntley, IL podiatrists, find out how to treat your calluses. Anywhere where friction continues to occur on your foot a callus can form. A callus is designed to protect bonier areas of the foot from damage caused by friction, tight shoes and stress. Of course, while calluses are protective in nature, they aren’t necessary for healthy feet. While those with diabetes or nerve damage should always visit our Elgin, Schaumburg, Chicago or Huntley foot doctors immediately if calluses or other changes occur in their feet, healthy individuals may be able to get away with treating their calluses with simple at-home measures. Common ways to treat calluses include,
  • Moisturizing daily: You’ll want to keep feet moisturized to help target dry, dead patches of skin. Of course, before you start to use moisturizers that contain ingredients like salicylic acid or urea you will want to check with us first to make sure they are safe enough for your skin.
  • Wear protective padding: You can also purchase protective moleskin padding from your local drugstore. This padding can be placed over the callus before wearing shoes to reduce friction.
  • Consider a pumice stone: After soaking feet in warm water you can use a pumice stone and gently remove some of the dead skin. Just be careful not to remove too much skin, as this can cause bleeding or increase your chances of an infection.
Once the source causing friction on your feet goes away you’ll also find that these calluses will go away. Of course, if you find that you are dealing with painful calluses, or if you have diabetes or other health issues, then it’s time you turned to us for proper medical attention as soon as possible. Don’t let calluses affect the health of your feet. Turn to Advanced Foot And Ankle Specialists in Elgin, Schaumburg, Chicago or Huntley, IL to treat calluses and other foot problems you are experiencing. If you have questions about how to remove calluses, don’t hesitate to give us a call today.