Achilles Tendonitis Specialist

Achilles Tendonitis Specialist in Huntley, IL

If you have damaged or are experiencing Achilles’ tendon pain, come to Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists. Our medical professionals can help you get the treatment you need. Call today to speak with one of our specialists or schedule an appointment online.

Achilles Tendonitis Specialist in Huntley, IL
Achilles Tendonitis Specialist in Huntley, IL

Named after the hero of the trojan war as his only vulnerability, the Achilles tendon is the tendon that links the muscles of the calf to the heel. This tendon is usually under a lot of stress from walking, running and exercising or playing sports. If not given the proper time to heal, the Achilles tendon can become inflamed or even rupture. While most Achilles tendon injuries can heal on their own, sometimes medical intervention is necessary.

What kind of doctor should I see for Achilles pain?

The first doctor you will likely see for Achilles tendon pain is your family doctor. They are the first line of contact for all medical concerns and will refer you to a specialist if necessary. If your family doctor does refer you, you will likely be referred to a podiatrist or an orthopedist. You may even be referred to a physiatrist or physical therapist.

What is the fastest way to heal Achilles tendonitis?

Treatment for mild Achilles tendon problems includes rest, stretching exercises and over-the-counter pain medicine. To reduce stress on the tendon, you may need to wear well-cushioned shoes and change the way you play sports. Early treatment works best and can help prevent further injury to the tendon. Orthotic shoe devices can also help to reduce the stress placed on the tendon.

Even in less serious cases, it can take weeks or even months of rest for the tendon to repair itself. It is vital to be patient and not return too soon to activities and sports that stress the tendon.

Treatment for severe problems, such as a torn or ruptured tendon, may include a cast, brace, splint, walking boot or another device that limits the motion of the lower leg and ankle. Surgery may also be an option. Exercise, either in a rehab program or in physical therapy, can help the ankle and lower leg get strong and flexible again. The Achilles tendon will take weeks to months to heal.

Although treatment for Achilles tendon problems takes time, it more often than not is very effective. After the proper treatment and duration, most people can return to sports and other activities.

When should I see a doctor for Achilles tendon pain?

It is important to see a doctor for Achilles tendon pain when experiencing any of these symptoms:

  • Pain around your heel or down the back of your leg
  • Pain that gets worse when you’re active
  • A sore or stiff Achilles tendon when you first get up in the morning
  • Pain in the tendon the day after exercising
  • Swelling with pain that worsens the more you are active during the day
  • Thickening of your tendon
  • Bone spurs on the heel bone
  • Difficulty flexing the affected foot
  • A popping sound accompanied with sudden sharp pain, which can indicate a ruptured tendon

As well as the symptoms mentioned above, there are certain risk factors that can put anyone at risk of developing an Achilles tendon injury. They’re often linked to repetitive stress. The most common risk factors are:

  • Increased amount or intensity of a sport or activity
  • Starting a new sport
  • Tight calf muscles when starting a sport or exercise, as this can place more stress on your tendon
  • Bone spurs on your heel, which have the potential risk of rubbing against the tendon
  • Wearing the wrong shoes when you exercise
  • Exercising on an uneven surface
  • Treatment with fluoroquinolone, an antibiotic

If you or someone you know is experiencing soreness or pain on or around the Achilles tendon, you may have tendonitis. At Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists, our team of podiatrists are experienced in treating Achilles tendonitis and can help you on the road to recovery! To speak with one of our specialists, contact our office today. Visit us online or simply call us to book an appointment.


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