What Is an Ankle Arthroscopy?

What Is an Ankle Arthroscopy?

What Is an Ankle Arthroscopy?
What Is an Ankle Arthroscopy?

If you suffer from ankle issues, your doctor may recommend surgery to correct the problem. However, open surgery is a daunting thought ankle arthroscopy for many people, with substantial scarring and recovery times. However, ankle arthroscopy can cut down on recovery time and scarring, allowing you to get back on your feet sooner. Learn more about ankle arthroscopy with your doctor at Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists in Elgin, IL.

What is ankle arthroscopy?

Ankle arthroscopy is an alternative to open ankle surgery. This minimally-invasive method uses a fiber-optic camera and miniaturized surgical equipment and tools for exploratory and corrective ankle surgeries. The equipment enters the ankle through small incisions in the skin, lessening the appearance of obvious scars. Ankle arthroscopy has proven to have fewer complications and faster recovery times than traditional open surgery.

Ankle Arthroscopy in Elgin, IL

Podiatrists use ankle arthroscopy to treat many ankle conditions, including:

  • Fractures
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic ankle instability
  • Infections
  • Debris left behind by previous injuries
  • Anterior or posterior ankle impingement (inflammation)

The procedure begins with administering general anesthesia to the patient. After cleaning the surgical site, your doctor will make several small incisions which provide an entry point for the camera and surgical tools required for the procedure. Your doctor will use fluid to expand the ankle joint for a better view during the procedure. The camera’s view is displayed on a screen, which provides an inside look at your ankle. After the procedure, your doctor closes the incisions using sutures.

What can I expect after surgery?

You may experience some mild pain and swelling post-surgery. Your doctor may recommend keeping the leg elevated and using medications to relieve pain and swelling. Most patients can walk on their leg immediately. Be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions for recovery.

For more information on ankle arthroscopy, please contact your doctor at Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists. Call (847) 262-4049 to schedule your consultation for ankle arthroscopy today!


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