Toenail Fungus Treatment in Schaumburg, IL

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Toenail Fungus Treatment in Schaumburg, IL

Toenail fungus can be an unsightly and embarrassing condition. For those who have struggled with fungal infections in their nails, it can be difficult to know which treatments are most effective. At Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists, we provide customized and comprehensive toenail fungus treatment for patients in Schaumburg, IL and the surrounding areas, so you can get rid of your toenail fungus completely and permanently.

How much does a fungal nail treatment cost?

Because there is such a wide range of treatments available including laser therapy, oral medications, and topical ointments, the cost of fungal nail treatment can vary widely. For patients who are interested in the safe and effective laser treatments we offer, the average cost can be approximately $1,000, depending on how many nails require treatment. Laser therapy typically only requires one treatment for most patients. Oral medications can range from $20-300, depending on which medication you choose, where you get it, and what your insurance plan will cover. Similarly, topical treatments can cost anywhere from $5 for an over-the-counter ointment to up to $500 or more for a prescription. Both oral and topical medications will take several months of treatment on average to work. At Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists, we understand that your out-of-pocket costs can be an important part of your decision when it comes to developing a treatment plan with your doctor. Our podiatrists can help you understand the total cost of your treatment, so you can make the decision that is right for you, your condition, and your budget.

Will removing a toenail get rid of fungus?

While fungal nail infections negatively impact the color and texture of your nail, the cause of your infection can actually be found in the nail bed, deep underneath the plate.  While typically only considered necessary for severe cases, removal of the toenail can improve the condition, as well as make it easier to apply antifungal medications directly to the area beneath the nail to prevent recurrence.  Debridement is a process by which part of the nail may be removed, while avulsion refers to total removal of the infected nail. In only the most severe cases, the nail matrix may be destroyed to prevent the nail from growing back in the future. While removing a toenail can be a good option for patients with recurrent and aggressive nail fungus, most will be able to avoid such drastic measures as long as they see a qualified podiatrist about their fungal nail infection soon after it develops.

What kills toenail fungus?

Antifungal ointments and oral medications can kill the fungi that cause brittle and crumbly toenails. However, it can be difficult for topical creams to penetrate the nail in order to contact the fungi beneath because the keratin protein that makes up the nail is extremely difficult to penetrate. Oral antifungal medications can be effective, though they often have negative side effects including nausea and headaches, as well as potential liver damage in some people. Lasers can easily penetrate the keratin in your nails to effectively target the fungi at its source, allowing doctors to offer their patients a safe treatment that is fast and efficient. While there are many at-home remedies for toenail fungus available on the Internet, none of them have been proven in clinical studies to be an effective method of killing the toenail fungus responsible for brittle and yellow nails. At Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists, we can help you by providing a precise diagnosis of the type of fungal infection you have, and providing you with comprehensive and proven treatment options that will help you reclaim your favorite open toed shoes.

If you are looking for an experienced podiatry team who can help you effectively target and eliminate your toenail fungus with tailored treatment options, contact Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists in Schaumburg, IL today to schedule a consultation. Our dedicated staff will help you understand your treatment options and choose the one that is right for you.