Plantar Fasciitis Treatment in Huntley, IL

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment in Huntley, IL

Looking for treatment for Plantar Fasciitis? Visit Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists as we provide the treatment! Call us now!

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment in Huntley, IL
Plantar Fasciitis Treatment in Huntley, IL

Whether you are a dancer or long-distance runner and depend upon the health of your feet to pursue your passion, or your job requires you to work on your feet all day, plantar fasciitis can create significant losses in your day-to-day life! At Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists, our board-certified and board-qualified podiatric doctors empathize with the frustration and pain caused by plantar fasciitis. That is why we are happy to provide first-rate plantar fasciitis treatment at our clinic so that you can freely let your feet direct your path!

What is the best treatment for plantar fasciitis?

There are several different treatment options for plantar fasciitis, and the best treatment is often determined on a case-by-case analysis! For example, podiatrists can treat less severe plantar fasciitis cases with such treatments as physical therapy, rest, stretching, orthotics, night splints, and anti-inflammatory medication. On the other hand, more severe cases of plantar fasciitis often require surgery, corticosteroid injections, or other more invasive procedures. Usually, the latter treatments are offered when the former has proven to be ineffective. When you come to Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists for plantar fasciitis treatment, we will have an initial consultation with you where one of our board-certified and board-qualified podiatrists will go over your medical history and your specific plantar fasciitis condition to determine which treatment option will work best for you!

Does plantar fasciitis go away?

The good news is that while plantar fasciitis can be a chronic condition, it usually will go away with the right care and treatment! Most individuals that suffer from plantar fasciitis will experience full recovery within the timeframe of six to 18 months.

What is the main cause of plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is an incredibly common problem that foot and ankle specialists like those at Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists have extensive training and experience to treat! It occurs when too much stress and tension on the arch of your foot create small tears in the plantar fascia, which is a sheet of connective tissue that surrounds the muscles, bone, nerve fibers, and blood vessels in your feet and connects your heel to the front of your foot. The repeated stretching and tearing of the plantar fascia cause inflammation and pain when walking or using your feet. While the exact cause of plantar fasciitis is not clear, certain risk factors predispose an individual to develop this condition, including the following:

  • Those who are between the ages of 40 and 60
  • Ballet dancing, long-distance running, or other activities that place large amounts of stress on your heel and plantar fascia
  • Foot mechanics
  • Obesity
  • Occupations that require you to work on your feet for long periods.

Who Can I See About my Plantar Fasciitis?

While a family doctor or general practitioner can provide treatment for plantar fasciitis, a surgically trained podiatrist can give much more specialized services. Here at Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists, you can find board-certified and board-qualified podiatric doctors trained in both foot and ankle surgery that would be happy to provide expert treatment for your plantar fasciitis!

We welcome you to Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists in Huntley, Illinois, for exceptional plantar fasciitis treatment! If you wish to make an appointment with us or learn more about our plantar fasciitis treatment options, you can do so through our website or call us at (847) 380-8427. Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists has four locations throughout Illinois, including our Huntley clinic, located at 10370 Haligus Rd, Suite 109, in Huntley, Illinois. Our doors are open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM, Wednesday from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, and Saturday from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.


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