Plantar Fasciitis Specialist in Huntley, IL

Plantar Fasciitis Specialist in Huntley, IL

Plantar Fasciitis is uncomfortable and painful, that is why the podiatrists at Advanced Foot and Ankles Specialist offer treatment plans so you can get back to your day-to-day activities. Call today for more information or schedule an appointment online with one of our foot specialists.

Plantar Fasciitis Specialist in Huntley, IL
Plantar Fasciitis Specialist in Huntley, IL

Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of the plantar fascia, the ligament connecting your heel bone to your toes. When it becomes irritated, the plantar fascia exhibits a painful sensation when you walk, often described as a sharp, shooting pain. On its own, it can take months to heal.

What is the best doctor to see for plantar fasciitis?

Many patients with plantar fasciitis experience pain in the arch and beneath the heel bone. This condition occurs in one or both feet and ranges from severe debilitating pain to mild achiness. Plantar fasciitis is typically caused by an increase in physical activity such as overuse or simply caused by a job that requires prolonged periods of standing. Most patients treated for plantar fasciitis say the pain located on the bottom of the foot is significantly worse in the morning. The pain usually dissipates after some use of the affected foot and then returns during periods of rest. It is also often linked to tight calf muscles and insufficient arch support. Most plantar fasciitis cases resolve uneventfully, but in some cases, it can worsen and require a more aggressive approach to treatment.

Some people recommend seeing a podiatrist at the first onset of symptoms. This can certainly be effective, but most plantar fasciitis is treatable with simple measures or even at-home remedies and stretches.

If you have mild plantar fasciitis, performing Achilles tendon stretches for 10 minutes a day, purchasing a firm over the counter arch support, and icing the painful area at night are proven to aid in the recovery time. If the pain persists or is worsened after three weeks of this, call your podiatrist. However, if you are limping with daily activities or if you notice swelling around the heel or arch of your foot, then it is recommended to see a podiatrist sooner. You would benefit from an x-ray and more advanced treatments if you feel as though the painful symptoms are worsening quickly or are related to an injury.

How long will it take for plantar fasciitis to resolve?

The recovery time for plantar fasciitis varies and it depends on certain factors. In general, it can vary from a few days to a few years if left untreated. There is a potential for the heel pain to last for years if the wrong treatment plan is implemented and the plantar fasciitis is aggravated. Problems such as plantar fasciitis and other foot conditions are often a continuous issue due to the fact that we are unable to rest our feet. There is still stress and load on our feet even if we refrain from physical exercise or take time off work, so plantar fasciitis recovery time turns from weeks to months.

If pain and other symptoms persist, you should contact your podiatrist for assessment and possible X-rays to rule out bone spurs and limit normal daily activities.

When caught early, conservative treatment options are usually enough to remedy Plantar Fasciitis.

Nonsurgical treatments may include:

  • Oral or injectable anti-inflammatory medication
  • Exercise & shoe recommendations
  • Taping or Strapping
  • Use of shoe inserts or orthotic devices

What can a foot doctor do for plantar fasciitis?

Your podiatrist is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the foot and ankle. There is a range of possible treatments they can use to relieve your pain and heal the plantar fascia, such as:

  • Fitting your shoes with pads or custom orthotics
  • Administering corticosteroid injections
  • Using a removable cast
  • Providing you with a splint to wear overnight
  • Showing you foot exercises to aid recovery

Your specialist may recommend EPAT shockwave therapy as a more advanced treatment for your plantar fasciitis.

Using this approach resolves the pain of plantar fasciitis for most people, but in some cases surgery may still need to be discussed with your podiatrist.

If you or someone you know has plantar fasciitis, come to Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists today! Our team of expertly trained foot and ankle specialists have great experience treating plantar fasciitis, and know exactly how to help you walk easy again! Contact our office to talk with an expert today. To schedule an appointment at our clinic, visit us online or give us a call!


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