High Arched Foot Specialist in Schaumburg, IL

High Arched Foot Specialist in Schaumburg, IL

Looking For A High Arched Foot Specialist? Visit Advanced Foot And Ankle Specialists As Our High Arched Foot Specialists Can Help You! Call Us For More Information.

High Arched Foot Specialist in Schaumburg, IL
High Arched Foot Specialist in Schaumburg, IL

You might suspect you have high arches if you have pain in your toes, heels, and ankles and possibly even instability. It’s possible to treat high arches to relieve these issues and help you walk and do your everyday activities more easily, and we can provide treatment here at Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists. Your treatment may be as simple as shoe inserts! Connect with our clinic today if you need the services of a high arched foot specialist in Schaumburg, IL.

Do I need arch support if I have high arches?

With high arches, a person has excessive and fixed flexion of the arch of the foot. This puts pressure and stress on the heels and balls of the feet, as well as the toes and ankles, resulting in pain and maybe even instability. There’s also an increased risk of an ankle sprain or fracture. Any of those issues are good reasons to seek care for high arches.

It may be that all you need is arch support for your high arches. Arch support can be provided with custom-made orthotic devices that are inserted into the shoes. The devices also correct the positioning of the feet, add cushioning to the feet, and improve stability, allowing a patient to walk better, enjoy activities without pain, and, in general, function better!

For some patients, ankle braces can help stabilize wobbly ankles and prevent supination (underpronation, or the outward rolling of the foot). For other patients, the stretching and strengthening techniques in physical therapy can improve tendon flexibility and muscle tone. A combination of treatments may be the most effective approach for you.

What kind of shoes should you wear if you have high arches?

In general, shoes that provide adequate arch support, like sneakers, are good for high arches. Shoes with thick and flexible soles, low heels, fuller or tapered heels, a wider toe box, and laces you can easily loosen may work well for you. Here at Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists, we’re fully capable of providing any of the treatment options we’ve mentioned as well as recommendations for particular kinds of shoes or custom orthotic shoes for patients with high arches. Also, we’re fully capable of providing corrective procedures when necessary.

Can high arches be corrected?

The treatments we’ve mentioned are effective for most cases of high arches, but in other cases, like when pain is extreme and affecting everyday life, it may be best to explore surgery as an option. There are different surgical procedures for different patient cases. Our specialists here at Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists are fully capable of providing surgery when necessary, but only when necessary and when conservative treatment doesn’t work. You can be confident, though, that conservative treatment will work for you! It’s typically not difficult to treat high arches and help a patient get around more easily.

Where can I find a high arched foot specialist in Schaumburg, IL?

Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists has a high arched foot specialist near you in Schaumburg! You’ll find a specialist here at 1043 S Roselle Rd Schaumburg, IL 60193. Contact our clinic today at (847) 558-7550 or book an appointment with us online if you believe you need our care. We can help you manage or correct your high arches so you can walk, play, and live pain- and symptom-free. Anyone of any age is welcome, so you can bring in your child or an elderly family member for treatment for high arches.

We hope to hear from you and help you soon here at Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists!


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