Heel Spurs Treatment in Schaumburg, Elgin, Huntley and Montclare, Chicago, IL

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Heel Spurs Treatment in Schaumburg, Elgin, Huntley and Montclare, Chicago, IL

You don’t have to live with heel spurs or plantar fasciitis. We offer treatment here at Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists, so if you live in the Schaumburg, Elgin, Huntley, or Montclare, Chicago area, you can come see us for lasting relief with one of our many methods of treatment. Reach out to us today or read on to learn more about what we can do for you at our clinic!

What are the symptoms of heel spurs?

You might already be familiar with the pain a heel spur causes. This is the main symptom of a heel spur, and it will likely feel sharp and as though the pain is in the heel arch of your foot. You might notice this pain most when walking, and you might also notice it getting worse over time. Other symptoms can include a dull ache in the heel, inflammation, swelling, radiating heat, and even a visible protrusion. Professional evaluation of these symptoms is required, and quite often when a patient has these symptoms evaluated, the cause is a heel spur. Professional treatment is also necessary.

What causes heel spurs?

It’s common for heel spurs to be caused by over-pronation. This means the excessive inward rolling of the foot when walking. When this happens, the foot is flattened, the arch is lengthened, and the plantar fascia has added tension put on it. After a while of walking like this, inflammation occurs, and so can a heel spur. The condition is also called heel spur syndrome, and it’s different from plantar fasciitis. However, plantar fasciitis can increase a patient’s risk of getting heel spurs. Both conditions can be treated professionally.

What is the common treatment for heel spurs?

Often, a heel spur is addressed with only conservative measures like icing the area, stretching the foot, physical therapy, and/or an orthotic device. We can provide or refer patients for any of these services here at Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists. However, with more persistent cases of heel spurs, extracorporeal shock wave treatment can help more effectively, and so can corticosteroid injections. In other cases, surgery may be the best treatment. We can also provide any of these other services.

Our board-certified podiatrists here at Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists are very experienced in treating conditions of the feet, ankles, and heels, including heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. We’ve treated thousands of patients like you and performed many complicated and reconstructive surgeries, so you can be as confident as we are that we can treat you too. The first step toward treatment is getting in touch with us here at Advanced Foot and Ankle. We’ll get you in for a consultation and go from there.

Do you offer heel spurs treatment in Schaumburg, Elgin, Huntley, or Montclare, Chicago, IL?

Yes, we do. Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists has locations nearby for patients in any of these areas. Please visit our Locations page for these locations’ addresses and contact information. From there, you’ll be able to make a consultation with us so we can see you about your condition. We’d be happy to speak with you for any reason and tell you more about our clinic, our staff, and our services, so don’t hesitate to call or book with us today here at Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists! We look forward to speaking with or seeing you soon!