Fungus In or On a Toenail
Fungal nails refers to any number of fungus infections in or on a toenail that can occur on the foot. Since fungal nails are usually more resistant and more difficult to treat than Athlete's Foot, topical or oral antifungal medications may be part of your treatment. Other solutions may be laser treatment or total nail removal.

A board-certified podiatrist from Foot and Ankle Specialists is experienced in how to treat fungal nails and - most importantly - know when it is something more complicated. An evaluation by one of our doctors can help you determine the best course of action.  We interact and involve our patients with their treatment options. The physicians of Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists are experienced in determining the true nature of foot and ankle problems.

Toe Fungus Laser Treatment
FDA approved Q-clear toe fungus laser treatment for nail fungus is safe and effective. It is a virtually painless procedure with no downtime from your regular activities and is the new alternative to prescription medications. The Q-clear laser treatment can effectively rid your toenails of unsightliness in as little as one or two treatments, depending on the severity of the condition. The toe fungus laser treatment is a simple office visit and will take under 10 minutes to treat both feet.  Q-Clear is an effective, quick treatment, that provides results within 2-4 months depending on how quickly your toenails grow.  You may return to your normal daily routine immediately after your toenail treatment, even painting your nails or pedicure treatments.

Preventing Fungal Nail Infections

With basic care, you can head off most common foot fungus problems:

  • Don't share nail clippers or nail files with others
  • Don't share shoes or socks with others
  • Try not to injure your nail, such as by cutting it too short (trauma to the nail may lead to infections)
  • Wear dry cotton socks and change them two or three times a day if necessary
  • Wear dry shoes that allow air to circulate around your feet (tight, enclosed, moist shoes contribute to fungal toenail infections)
  • Wear shower sandals or shower shoes when you are at a public pool or shower

Can’t I Just Treat This Myself?
Yes - and no. Many times, toe fungus is actually combination of bacteria and fungus. Over-the-counter medications don’t always work. Many times people will try multiple products or over-the-counter medications that don’t work well together, causing additional issues.

Generally, if a problem is not improving in two or three days from trying an over-the-counter product, then make an appointment with one the experts at Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists. We will accurately determine the true nature of the problem and work with you to determine the best course of treatment.

Call Advanced Foot And Ankle Specialists for comprehensive treatment & innovative care from board-certified physicians.


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