Foot and Ankle Pain Treatment in Montclare, Chicago, IL

Foot and Ankle Pain Treatment in Montclare Chicago, IL

Our expert podiatrists can help treat and reduce your foot and ankle pain. Advanced Foot and Ankle is conveniently located at 3115 N Harlem Ave #200 Chicago, IL 60634. Request an appointment online or call (773) 673-9898.

Foot and Ankle Pain Treatment in Montclare Chicago, IL
Foot and Ankle Pain Treatment in Montclare Chicago, IL

Foot and ankle pain can negatively impact your ability to appropriately function in your daily life. Pain in your lower extremities can be debilitating, and the podiatrists at Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists want to help you maintain healthy function in your ankles, toes, and feet, so you can worry less about your pain and spend your time enjoying your life. Our convenient location in Montclare, Chicago, IL is available to address your pain with a comprehensive and customized treatment plan.

What causes ankle pain?

Ankle sprains are soft tissue injuries that occur when ligaments in the ankle are stretched or twisted out of their normal position. This can cause tears or overstretching that result in swelling and pain. Ankle sprains are the leading cause of pain in the ankle joint.  Fractures, while less common than sprains, may also be the underlying cause of your pain. For runners or other athletes, Achilles tendonitis resulting from overuse of calf muscles can lead to chronic pain in the ankle. Less common causes of chronic ankle pain include gout, certain kinds of infections, and arthritis.

What are common causes of foot pain?

Foot pain is an extremely general term that may refer to a variety of different injuries or conditions. Plantar fasciitis can cause chronic pain in the heels that is most obvious after sleep. Bursitis can cause pain while the fluid-filled sacs that cushion each of your joints become inflamed. Bunion deformities and hammertoes can cause pain as they rub against other toes or the material of your shoes.  Ingrown toenails and fungal infections can cause your nailbeds to become red or inflamed and be painful when pressure is applied to the tips of your toes while you walk. Stress fractures in the bones of the feet or sprains of any of the ligaments or tendons can also lead to extreme pain if left untreated. At Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists, we can provide you with a diagnosis that pinpoints the underlying cause of your discomfort. By relying on the expertise of an experienced podiatry team, you will ensure that your treatment plan is specifically tailored to your body’s needs, so you achieve relief from pain and improved quality of life.

How do I know when to see a doctor?

For some conditions, pain may ebb and flow or not feel very severe. If you notice consistent pain that does not dissipate after rest and use of over-the-counter medications, you should schedule an appointment to discuss your symptoms with a doctor who can provide further insight. If you find that you cannot comfortably place weight on your foot because of pain or swelling in your ankle, you should keep weight off of it and make an appointment with a specialist immediately. Regardless of the severity of your pain or the cause of your injury, speaking with a podiatrist who is specifically trained in the care of the feet and ankles can reduce your recovery time and ensure you are doing everything possible to support your body while it heels.

For patients in the Huntley, Chicago area, there is no better way to protect the health and well-being of your feet and ankles than by relying on the knowledge and experience of the dedicated team of experts at Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists. Call us today to schedule your foot and ankle consultation.


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