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Foot and Ankle Sprain Specialist

Foot and Ankle Sprains are common injuries, but can cause severe pain if not dealt properly. Our Board-certified Podiatrists can help treat your sprains. For more call us today.

Foot and Ankle Sprain Specialist Near Me
Foot and Ankle Sprain Specialist Near Me

5 Signs You’ve Sprained Your Ankle

Ankle sprains are common injuries. They occur when ligaments that connect the bones in the ankle and foot tear. Ankle sprains are often ankle sprain very painful and debilitating. If properly treated, your ankle will heal well, allowing safe return to activity. Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists, which has offices in Elgin, Crystal Lake, Schaumburg, Huntley, and Chicago, IL, offers treatments for ankle sprains. Here are five signs you’ve sprained your ankle.

1. Pain – Ankle sprains cause localized pain at the site of the sprain. Even a minor ankle sprain can be painful. You may also feel discomfort or pain when you place weight on the affected area. The pain may be worse when the injured area is pressed or the foot moves in certain directions and during standing or walking. If your foot is painful to walk on — or if you’re having trouble putting weight on your ankle, be sure to see your podiatrist.

2. Swelling – When an ankle is injured with a sprain, fracture, or tendon injury, inflammation occurs. Inflammation is the body’s normal protective response to an injury, irritation or surgery. Swelling occurs because of increased fluid in the tissue. This is sometimes severe. This is a normal reaction of the body and is the start of the healing process.

3. Bruising – Ankle sprains cause bruising at the site of the sprain. A badly sprained ankle can cause severe bruising. Bruising is typically a result of some degree of injury to the blood vessels in the skin. A bruise is made up of blood beneath the skin, resulting from broken blood vessels. Applying cold or ice therapy after injury will help limit swelling and internal bleeding.

4. Stiffness – A sprained ankle causes limited range of motion and stiffness. Pain and swelling often limit movement after the injury. Your podiatrist may advise against moving the ankle to allow the sprain to heal. Your podiatrist can also design an exercise program to help reduce stiffness after an ankle sprain.

5. Redness – Redness and warmth in the injured area is a common sign of a sprained ankle. Redness and warmth is caused by increased blood flow to the area. If your ankle is red, warm and swollen it is inflamed. Ankle sprains require medical care. The earlier you start treatment, the better.

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