Caring For Your Feet With Diabetes

Caring For Your Feet With Diabetes

Caring For Your Feet With Diabetes
Caring For Your Feet With Diabetes

Find out why it’s important to give your feet the care they need, particularly if you have diabetes.

When you find out you have diabetes you probably feel a little bogged down with all the information and new changes you have to diabetic foot caremake. Our Elgin, Crystal Lake, Schaumburg, Huntley and Chicago, IL, podiatrists understand that with any diagnosis it will take time to learn the ropes to managing your symptoms. We care about the health of your feet and we think you should too!

Why do we think foot health is important, especially for those with diabetes? Because diabetes can increase your chances of nerve damage and infection. By following these simple measures day in and day out you can keep your feet safe:

Inspect Your Feet

This is something you should be doing every day. Use a hand mirror if you need to and go over every inch of your feet. Check for redness, swelling, sores, open wounds, cuts, blisters or other problems. If you notice any changes or issues then it’s time to give our Elgin, Crystal Lake, Schaumburg, Huntley and Chicago, IL, foot doctors a call.

Wear Proper Footwear

The shoes you wear are so important for keeping feet healthy. Look for shoes that offer support, cushioning and stability. When you try on shoes make sure your toes aren’t bunched up (they should be able to wiggle and move around freely), that there are no irritating seams and that the shoes have no heels. Make sure these are shoes that you could comfortably wear for hours a day, as you should never go barefoot even if you are indoors.

Avoid Hot Water

Whether you just want to take a soak in the hot tub or you want to run a relaxing bath it might actually be a better idea to skip these things altogether. Diabetic feet can often suffer nerve damage, which can make it difficult to determine just how hot water is. This can lead to blisters or burns that can quickly turn into an infection. If you must take a bath always check the water with your elbow before entering.

Wear Orthotics

While it isn’t necessary, some people find that prescription orthotics can provide the comfort they need while wearing shoes all day. While you may just choose to get over-the-counter orthotics, it’s important to know that these commercial orthotics aren’t designed to provide the proper support for your unique needs or individualized foot structure, so it might be a good idea to talk to us first about whether prescription orthotics are a safer bet.

Don’t let a diabetes diagnosis stress you out. Know that you can always turn to Advanced Foot And Ankle Specialists in Elgin, Schaumburg, Huntley and Chicago, IL, to get immediate and knowledgeable care any time you need it.


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