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December 08, 2015
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Have you spent more money than you'd like on useless toenail fungus medications? Over-the-counter medications are often ineffective when stubborn fungus is a problem, but laser therapy stops fungal growth with just one treatment. Doctors Gary Ochwat, Ronald Clemente, Craig Halihan and Michael Williams explain how Crystal Lake residents can benefit from laser toenail fungus treatment.Toenail Fungus

Why over-the-counter products don't always help

Those drugstore anti-fungal products might help you get rid of mild to moderate toenail fungus, but often have little effect on severe cases. Over-the-counter products only reach the top of the nail and do nothing to kill the fungus that lurks under the nail. If the products do offer some improvement, chances are that it doesn't last for long. Even oral anti-fungal medications prescribed by your doctor may not help, and those medications often have unpleasant side effects.

Laser treatment is a better option

Traditional toenail fungus treatment often takes months, but laser treatment quickly gets to the source of the problem. Foot doctors use a thin laser beam to precisely target the infection during a treatment session that takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes. The targeted laser beam kills the fungus without damaging surrounding tissues. Laser therapy is so effective because the pigment in the fungus absorbs the light from the laser and creates heat that kills the infection for good. Best of all, laser treatment has no uncomfortable side effects. Although the fungi don't like the laser, all you'll feel is a slight warming under your toe or possibly a mild pinprick sensation.

Results are long-lasting

Once the fungus is killed, it doesn't come back. Although the fungi die after treatment, it does take a while for a completely healthy nail to appear. During the course of a few months, you'll see the new, fungus-free nail gradually start to grow.

If you live in the Crystal Lake area and are tired of looking at your yellow toenails, find out how laser toenail fungus treatments can help you. Call (815) 356-0500 to schedule an appointment with Doctors Gary Ochwat, Ronald Clemente, Craig Halihan or Michael Williams.


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