Ankle Pain Clinic Near Huntley, IL

Ankle Pain Clinic Near Huntley, IL

If you are experiencing pain in your ankle due to an impact, injury or other underlying causes, come to Advanced Foot and Ankle to seek treatment. Our podiatrists are here to help! Call today or schedule an appointment online.

Ankle Pain Clinic Near Huntley, IL
Ankle Pain Clinic Near Huntley, IL

Foot pain is a difficult ailment to live with. It can affect our quality of life and make it difficult to get around. It is hard to ignore, as it follows us everywhere we go. However, you should never ignore foot pain, as when it goes untreated it can worsen. Instead, come to Advanced Foot and Ankle, where we have certified podiatrists to help you with all of your foot pain needs!

What doctor should I see for ankle pain?

When you have a problem with your foot or ankle, the best doctor to see is either a podiatrist or an orthopedist. Both medical professionals are highly trained and exceptionally knowledgeable on conditions pertaining to the foot and ankle. At Advanced Foot and Ankle, we have certified podiatrists to help you with your every foot-related need!

When should I see the doctor for ankle pain?

Below are many common injuries and ailments that, if you should experience, require medical attention from a podiatrist:

  • Fractures,dislocations, sprains, torn ligaments and tendons
  • Poor joint or muscle function due to injury or disease
  • Need for surgery
  • Arthritic conditions of the ankle and foot
  • Sports injury problems
  • Braces and orthotics
  • Heel pain
  • Achilles injuries
  • Post-traumatic disorders
  • Deformities such as clubfoot, bunions, hammertoe, flat feet, and adult acquired flatfoot
  • Diabetes-related foot problems
  • Nerve disorders
  • Pediatric issues

How do you treat chronic ankle pain?

Chronic ankle pain can be difficult to live with. If the condition is caught early on, non-operational treatment options can include:

  • Rest, ice, compression and elevation
  • Anti-inflammatory medication
  • Immobilization in a cast or brace
  • Physical therapy

More serious injuries of the ankle, including tears or ruptures, will very likely require surgery.

Ankle injuries can happen suddenly or can develop over time. These injuries are most common among athletes involved in sports that require repetitive ankle motion and also in individuals who have high arches of the foot. A proper diagnosis is essential in order to treat ankle injuries correctly and to help alleviate chronic pain.

What causes sharp stabbing pain in ankle?

Below is a detailed description of two common causes of stabbing pain in the ankles:

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome — Tarsal tunnel syndrome can be caused by any condition that causes compression of the tibial nerve or its branches as it passes through the tarsal tunnel. A wide array of conditions can cause tarsal tunnel syndrome including lesions or masses, which may increase pressure in the tunnel. Such lesions include tumors consisting mainly of fat tissue (lipomas), tumors consisting of nerve fibers and ganglion cells (gangliomas) and tumors of the nerve sheath (schwannomas).

Individuals who have severely flat feet (pes planus) are at a greater risk of developing tarsal tunnel syndrome than the general population because the flattened “fallen” arches can stretch the tibial nerve.

Jones Fracture — A Jones Fracture is a fracture of a bone on the outside of the foot (called the fifth metatarsal). A Jones fracture can be either a stress fracture, which is a tiny hairline break that develops with time, or a sudden break due to trauma. This often results in pain, swelling, and tenderness on the outside of the foot.

Rheumatoid arthritis — A person can take medication to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder that causes the immune system to attack joint linings called synovium.

Symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis include:

  • difficulty moving the ankle
  • pain
  • swelling

If you or someone you love is experiencing foot pain, come to Advanced Foot and Ankle today! We have qualified podiatrists to help you with your foot pain. Contact our office today to get in touch with a specialist. To book an appointment, call us or visit us online!


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