Ankle Joint Replacement

Ankle Joint Replacement

At Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists, ankle joint replacement is performed through surgery to replace damaged bone and cartilage in the ankle joint.

Ankle replacement surgery is performed with use of general anesthesia, allowing a patient to sleep comfortably and pain free during the procedure. Spinal anesthesia is another option that may be used for below the waist surgery, depending on the situation.

Prosthetic or artificial joint parts are used to replace your body’s bone during an ankle joint replacement. This process of joint replacement is also known as ankle arthoplasty, and is becoming much more common. Improvements in prosthetic ankle replacements have allowed for a wonderful alternative to ankle fusion for arthritic ankle treatment.

Before an ankle joint replacement procedure, the decision to proceed should be made once you understand as much about the surgery as possible. Talk with your foot and ankle surgeon jointy before making the decision. A physical examination will likely be required beforehand. You may also require a physical therapist for post-surgery rehabilitation.

The goal of ankle joint replacement is to successfully reduce pain and improve movement of the ankle joint. Artificial joints give the benefit of easing ankle osteoarthritis symptoms while providing enhanced ankle mobility.

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