5 Questions to Ask Your Podiatrist About Custom Orthotics

5 Questions to Ask Your Podiatrist About Custom Orthotics

Wondering how orthotics can help you? At Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists, we can consult with you about the benefits of orthotics, and design a custom pair to suit your needs. Come and see us today in Elgin IL, Schaumburg IL, Huntley IL, and Chicago IL. Give us a call or request an appointment online.

5 Questions to Ask Your Podiatrist About Custom Orthotics
5 Questions to Ask Your Podiatrist About Custom Orthotics

What is orthotics?

Broadly speaking, orthotics refers to a specific branch of medicine within podiatry that deals with the creation and use of specialized splints, braces, shoe and heel inserts, or other kinds of specialized parts that can help with various foot and ankle issues. However, most people understand orthotics to be a type of shoe or heel insert, similar to the insole that usually already exists inside most sneakers or running shoes.

The use of orthotics is quite common, especially in older adults. In general, orthotics are meant to help correct or ease the impact of foot, ankle, and even hip or back issues. They work by providing additional and better support for you when you walk or do normal life activities. Most orthotics are custom made specifically to your foot, shoe, and health issue or concern. Orthotics, and the issues that necessitate them, are usually prescribed by a podiatrist, which is a doctor that specializes in foot and ankle related issues. At Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists, our physicians and team of professionals are able to provide a consultation about orthotics. We can design a custom pair to suit your needs, and help you adjust to them in your daily life.

How long and how often do I have to wear orthotic insoles?

How long and how often you wear your orthotic insoles depends on many factors, including: your specific health issue, the type of orthotic, the advice of your podiatrist, as well as whether the issue that necessitated the orthotic is chronic or can be resolved, such as if it is related to an injury. You may only need your orthotic for a period of time as your issue resolves, or it may need to be worn consistently to help correct the issue over time, and prevent reinjury or further harm. Again, there are specific factors that will influence how often and how long you need to wear your orthotics, and our specialists will discuss these factors with you.

What are the benefits of wearing orthotics?

Even with our own best efforts, most people don’t get proper, constant support from their footwear. Over time, this lack of support can lead to injury, or natural wear on our joints and other parts of our body, potentially causing pain and discomfort that can interfere with life activities. Orthotics can be a simple, efficient solution to easing discomfort, and contribute to your overall health and ability to move comfortably and participate in daily life activities.

Custom orthotics can be part of treatment for issues ranging from arthritis to back pain, bunions, diabetes, or other common foot related conditions like plantar fasciitis and hammer toes. Many people underestimate how integral their foot and ankle care is to their overall health, or that simply their choice of footwear can have a significant impact on various health issues over time. This is why orthotics can be a vital, key part of treatment and maintenance of your overall health.

Does Insurance usually cover the cost of orthotics?

Since orthotics are quite common, especially as you age, most health insurance plans usually have some coverage for orthotics. It’s a good idea to check with your health insurance plan before consulting with us about orthotics; however, we’re always happy to answer questions about what we can offer, and the rough cost. While orthotics can sometimes be expensive up front, it is usually only a one-time cost. Keep in mind that orthotics are typically made special and custom for you; they can’t be purchased in a store, which is why they can sometimes have a higher price point.


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